Dr. Raghuvir Salkar


Topic : Comparison of seismic provisions of UBC 1997, IBC 2009 and IS 1893 for RC Structures

Prof. Daman K. Panesar

Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Topic : A Review – Combining Concrete Degradation Mechanisms Based on Accelerated Laboratory Studies

Prof. Sudharshan Raman

University Kebangsaan Malaysia

Topic : Protective Applications for Concrete Structures subjected to Blast Effects

Prof. Boris Stein

Twining Concrete Insight
United States


Prof. Mark G. Alexander

University of Cape Town,
South Africa,

Topic : Contributions to research development in concrete in South Africa – a 30-collaborative venture

Prof. Erik Schlangen

TU Delft,
The Netherlands

Topic : Micro-scale testing of cement-based materials to obtain properties for multi-scale-modelling

Prof. Ian Burgess

University of Sheffield,
United Kingdom

Topic : The Effects of Continuity on Compressive and Tensile Membrane Action in Lightly Reinforced Concrete Slabs

Prof. Benoit Bissonnette

CRIB Research Center, Laval University, Department of Civil Engineering
Québec, Canada

Topic : Specification guidelines for surface preparation of concrete prior to repair

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