Arturo Gaytan Covarrubias

Cement and Concrete Technology Center, CEMEX,

Topic : 10 Strategies for the use of Industrialized Concrete in Sustainable and Resilient Structures

Prof. Martin Scheurer

Institute of Textile Technology RWTH Aachen University,

Topic : Development of a method for evaluating the suitability of textiles for use in textile reinforced concrete

Dr. Asif Hussain Shah

The University of Sheffield,

Topic : Fire Spalling Characteristics of Recycled Tyre Polymer Fibre Concrete

Dr. Asit N. Baxi

Baxi Engineering Inc. (BEI)
Houston, USA

Topic : Post-tensioned Transfer Members in High Rise Buildings in the United States

Peter H Emmons

CEO/Founder Structural Group Inc. Columbia MD USA

Topic : Concrete repair done the right way, What we have learned!

Dr. Satish Desai

Retired Ho. Visiting Professor, Department of  Civil Engineering, Osmania University,  Hyderabad

Topic : Sustainability of Concrete (Under performance in service, prediction of service life and life cycle analysis).

Dr. Ara A. Jeknavorian

Jeknavorian Consulting Services. USA

Topic : Use of Chemical Admixtures to Enable Successful Manufacture of Fly Ash Concrete with Low Portland Cement Content

Dr. Banti A. Gedam

Fire Research Laboratory, CSIR-CBRI Roorkee, IIT Roorkee

Topic : Improve the Durability of Concrete using Supplementary Cementitious Materials

Dr. František Wald

Czech Technical University in Prague, Thakurova

Topic : Bending Resistance of the Steel and Fibre-Reinforced Concrete Circular Hollow Section Composite Column in Fire

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