Claude Bedard

Adjuvants Euclid Canada Inc.,

Topic : Contributions to research development in concrete in South Africa – a 30-collaborative venture

Prof. Ling Wang

China Building Materials Academy (CBMA),

Topic : Influence of Liquid Accelerator Adding Time on the Setting of Cement Paste

Abdolhossein Naghizadeh

University of Johannesburg,
South Africa

Topic : Effect of Calcinating Hardened Fly Ash Geopolymer on Mechanical Properties

João Paulo Rodrigues

University of Coimbra,

Topic : On the behavior of steel and composite steel and concrete columns in case of fire

Prof. Mohamed A. ElGawady

Missouri University of Science and Technology,

Topic : Sustainable Cement Mortar with Double Recycled Rubber Powder

Dr. Ravi Ranade

University at Buffalo,
State University of New York

Topic : Effects of Elevated Temperatures on Residual Bond Strength of Steel Rebar with Strain Hardening Cementitious Composite (SHCC)

Prof. W. Jason Weiss

Oregon State University – USA

Topic : Use of neutron radiography to study curing for cementitious systems with supplementary cementitious materials

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