Novel cements and advanced materials

  • Advances in science and technology of cement, admixtures and concrete
  • Advances in material concept and tailored material properties
  • Material science of cement and concrete
  • New cements
  • Concrete with recycled materials
  • SCC
  • Ultra high performance concrete
  • Energy efficient process and materials
  • Nano technology
  • Phase change materials (PCM)
  • Permeable concrete
  • Green concrete
  • Underwater concrete
  • Hot weather / cold weather concreting
  • Heavy density concrete
  • Fibre reinforced concrete

Performance in service, prediction of service life and life cycle analysis

  • Sustainability of concrete
  • Durability of concrete
  • Innovative solutions for corrosion prevention of rebars
  • Improved performance for shrinkage cracking
  • Transport properties
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Smart materials

Structural and civil engineering applications

  • Advances in structural and civil engineering applications
  • Research and current developments
  • Innovative & Cost-effective Fire-Resistant Solutions
  • Seismic retrofitting
  • Quality control related to concrete structures
  • Dismantling of structures
  • Concrete construction & maintenance of structures in different fields of infrastructure, such as :
    a. Aviation Structures
    b. Railways /Metros
    c. Ports and Harbors
    d. Nuclear Plants
  • Innovative therapies & practices in structural designs

Characterization, testing and monitoring materials and their properties and associated modeling

  • Advances in testing material properties
  • Experimental analysis of concrete structures
  • Monitoring concrete properties during construction
  • Non destructive testing
  • Sensors
  • Advances in material modeling, fresh state to early age to fracture and damage mechanics
  • Advanced models from nano to macro scale
  • Multi-scale modeling
  • Advanced softwares

and other related topics…