Prof. Ravindra Gettu

Prof.-Ravindra-GettuHaving worked for over a decade in Spain, as a researcher and Director of the Structural Technology Laboratory of the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Prof. Gettu returned home and is currently Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras. He has over 1420 citations, 125 international publications and scores of students studying under his guidance. Prof. Gettu is the first Asian to hold the position of Vice-President in one of the world’s most prestigious international bodies of concrete research – RILEM.

Prof. Venkatesh Kodur

Prof.-Venkatesh-KodurA distinguished personality in the field of Fire Engineering, Prof. Kodur was part of the FEMA/ASCE Building Performance Assessment Team that studied the collapse of WTC buildings as a result of September 11 incidents. As Professor and Chairperson, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, as well as Director, Centre on Structural Fire Engineering & Diagnostics at Michigan State University, Prof. Kodur is always at the forefront of spreading knowledge. He is a recipient of prestigious awards including the NRCC (Government of Canada) Outstanding Achievement Award and NATO Award for collaborative research.